A Note to Our Patients

Shades Valley Dermatology recognizes the extraordinarily difficult moment we are all experiencing with the Covid-19 epidemic, and are striving to support our patients as well as to protect them. We are shifting to telemedicine appointments for all patient visits beginning Monday March 30th. These visits are the same as normal office visits and are best suited to our patients with chronic stable conditions like acne, psoriasis, eczema, contact dermatitis, sun damage followups who need re-evaluation and medicine refills, etc. These visits will take place through the Klara function on our website which is user-friendly and free for patients during this period. If you have an appointment on or after March 30th, we will be contacting you to change or reschedule your appointment.

We recognize, however, that we have patients who must be seen in the office for required monitoring of certain medications. We also recognize that acute issues such as rashes and skin infections may occur, and these issues should be seen by a dermatologist rather than Urgent Care physicians, who are overwhelmed. Therefore we will have limited in office appointments to accomodate these patients, and patients should contact our office for availability. Please bear with us as we try to serve our patients the best we can during these challenging days. We look forward to seeing everyone back when the crisis has ended.


Katherine H. Flanagan, MD and the Shades Valley Dermatology Team